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Can I, or how do I, burn the downloaded files?

Can I burn the files that I've downloaded?

Yes, that is the whole reason for the downloads. They are so that you do the hard work of burning them and labeling them and I don't have to spend the money to do all of that and ship them to you and on and on. So, please feel free to download them and burn them to any medium you want to. All of my videos are copyright protected and are not to be distributed without my express, written permission.

What file types are the videos?

All videos will be WMV (Windows Media Video) files. These are the most widely used video format and are the easiest and friendliest video format to burn. Plus, for the Mac, Apple, iPad and iPhone users, I also offer the videos as MPEG4 formatted videos.

How do I burn these videos to discs?

Well, here's where it gets very hard or impossible for me to answer because every version of your operating system comes with a different brand or version of burner. This makes it impossible for me to answer this question. I have many computers, tons of burning software and I know a lot of them, but there are thousands of software titles out there and I am not going to know them all inside out. There are Windows based software and Mac or Apple based software and again, thousands of different software titles and versions of each title out there and yet to come. So, you will have to simply consult your software's directions on how to burn the type of disc that you are wanting to burn using a WMV file as your file type.