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You did not receive your download links:

I did not receive my download link(s).

Chances are 99% that you do have your links and they are in your spam or junk folder. Remember that your links will come from [email protected] . That is who you made the PayPal payment to, so that is where the links will come from. You will also receive the MAIN link from [email protected] (That is my download server). If, after checking your spam folder for any mail from that email address, you don't find your links, then feel free to notify me of any missing links at either email address.

One scam that don't work is the one where you wait to contact me more than 2 weeks after you ordered the downloads. This has been done so many times and I can trace any and all downloads and can tell when you've downloaded them, if you passed them off to your friends and let them download them and so on and so on. If this happens. I simply shut you down and your friends from ever ordering from me again. So, trust me...I know if you have downloaded them or received them and simply not downloaded them.

If I have sent them, my server will let me know by your email address that they have been sent, what day and time I sent them and who downloads them. I do turn people into PayPal for theft as these lessons have copyrights on them and for you to share them or the links without my permission will be dealt with quickly and to the fullest extent of the law.

I can always provide a copy of this information to you so that you know that they have been sent as I tell you, and when and on and really, I've heard them all and please don't test me on this issue.