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Why does your download time out while trying to download?

First off, a customer pointed out that if you are using Internet Explorer to download these, that when it does time out, you will have to start the download all over again, but if you use Firefox to download the lessons and it times out, you can pick up where it left off. So, thanks for the new will save folks a lot of headaches!

This is a very common question. It is because you have your browser set to do just that. Why does it do it? Because your computer doesn't sense any activity from you. So for video downloads (in this case video downloads that can be HUGE) take a long time to download. My video downloads will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours each to download (based on the average DSL download speed). That is because some videos are only an hour long and don't contain a lot of video effects etc. and other videos are nearly 5 hours long. VERY IMPORTANT.......make sure that your computer isn't set to shut off your browser (a typical default setting) after 30 minutes. This spells failure big time. Set it to NEVER SHUT OFF while you are trying to download. This is especially helpful if you download everything while you are asleep (a great thing to do).

Your computer is probably set to TIME OUT after 15 - 20 minutes of inactivity. This is not long enough to download most of my videos. So, can you simply go to work and expect to come home and your video be done downloading? No, not with those settings. So, unless you know how to change your settings, there are 2 easy ways of keeping this from happening. The first is to simply move your mouse every 10-15 minutes to trick your computer into thinking you are doing something. The second, and best way to make sure that the download session doesn't time out, is to simply put on an internet radio station so that your computer actually is busy and it won't time out. Easy enough?

So, that's how you get around that. Like I said, these videos are big and your computer sitting idle doesn't sit well with your settings. So, either change the settings or keep your computer busy and you won't see the time out message again.