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OK, the issue that some of you have with not being able to use the forward and rewind features of Windows Media Player when viewing your video is simply need to download and install a more recent version of Media Player than what came on your computer. You will want to have version 10 or higher installed. VERY IMPORTANT...WINDOWS 8 AND 10 forgot to install windows media player......SO, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL IF IF YOU ARE USING EITHER OF THOSE OPERATING SYSTEMS.

The fast forward and reverse buttons are never the best way to get to where you want to go in the videos. Simply put your cursor on the video timeline, click it and you'll be instantly transported to where you want to be. You don't have to sit there and watch it play in fast motion. A simple click,'re there. You just have to update your Media player if you are having this issue at all.

Here is the link to go get versions 11 and 12 and more. Install this and you will never have any issues with my (or any other videos) ever again.

Get Windows Media Player - Microsoft Windows

Mac users, you'll never have any problems as the Mac world is a much more stable environment. Remember Mac users, Windows Media Player for Mac is available and makes these files very easy to view (only if you ordered the PC versions for some reason).