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How long will it take for the video take to download?

You simply choose which files you would like to download and start your download. Even though there is a space that says that you can download them all at once.......nope, the company lies to you there. You can only have 3 going at once.

It will take your video as long to download as it takes. Really. It depends on which video you are downloading, your download speed etc. If you are using standard DSL (which downloads at 256 kbs) then it will take on average of "real time". This means that if you are trying to download one of my 2 hour long videos that it will take about 2 hours to download. Can you speed up this process? Only if you upgrade your service. Cable and better service download speeds will download the videos in a few minutes. And you thought DSL was fast? Not in today's world.

So, if you have dial up service only....don't order the downloads. You'll never get them downloaded. You could possibly get the drum tracks or other backing tracks downloaded, but a whole video....not likely.