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Can I play this WMV (Windows Media Video) on my Mac, Apple, or any of my "I"products?


I now offer all of my lessons in MPEG4 formats that will play without any additional software needed in your device. You can simply ask me for that version and I'll send it to you or you can order that version from me. Both PC and Mac versions are available on my site.

If you do not want to have to download your files via your computer/upload to iTunes to view them you can simply download the app "Downloads Lite" for $2.99 through iTunes and save yourself a ton of time. You can get that app here:

Important notice for you iPhone, iPad users: You will need to download your video to your home computer, upload the video to your iTunes and access the video from there. That is the only way that the videos can be viewed from your mobile devices. So, they can not download directly to your mobile devices since a direct download to said devices is not allowed by the manufacturer.

If your device was made in this century, then it comes with an aplication called Flip 4 Mac. This will allow you to play ALL Windows based media forms. It is factory installed on all of the Macintosh computers and on most of the iPods and other "I" products. If your machine doesn't have Flip 4 Mac, or you simply can't find it, you may install it for free here:

Apple - Downloads - Video - Flip4Mac Windows Media Components for QuickTime

You can also install Windows Media Player for Mac. It gives you much more control and since all of the video files are WMV......doesn't it make sense to 

download this?

Apple - Downloads - Video - Windows Media Player for Mac OS X