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When are the download links sent to me?

When are the download links sent to me?

The links are sent to you by me, not an automated process. So, I sleep like any musician, until about Noon Pacific time and stay up until 6:00 in the morning. So, I send the links as soon as I wake up (usually 2 pm Pacific time), if you ordered while I was asleep, otherwise I send them right away, as I'm in front of the computer almost all day long.

I do still do gigs, so sometimes I'm gone for a few hours here and there on gig days and the first thing I do when I get home is send the downloads and get orders together. So, you will get your downloads really fast, but no machines are doing it. I do everything in my business myself so that there is no chance of machine malfunctions.

So many of you write to me saying that you didn't get your downloads, yes you did, go look in your spam or junk mail. Chances are that you've never received an e-mail from me before (the links come from my other e-mail address [email protected] , so be sure to look for anything from that screen name) PLUS, you will receive the MAIN LINK via [email protected] so, your links are pretty much ALWAYS going to be there. So, don't wait for 2 weeks on me to send them because I already did. If you say that I didn't, then you quite simply didn't follow these directions and look in those places......because that's where they are. The other place that they will probably be is in the mailbox of your PAYPAL e-mail address. When you pay me, that's the ONLY e-mail address that Paypal gives me, therefore, that is the only place I know to send your files too. Then you write me to tell me that you no longer use that address.....then go update your information if you are going to be ordering electronic delivered media. It's pretty much a must do.....if you want your products anyway. lol