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Answers to your zip file questions.

Why do you send ZIP files? I currently am sending ZIP Files for AUDIO TRACKS ONLY. That means that if you order things such as my Drum Tracks or Backing Tracks, you will get all of those audio files sent to you in a folder that is compressed and sent to you for a faster and consolidated package.

I am now only sending ZIP files for Audio Tracks. They will be bundled into the ZIP file and here is the one and ONLY way to extract them.

You will need to simply double click the ZIP file, drag and drop the folder that is inside of that folder to your desktop. This will copy it to your desktop. You should (after you verify that the audio plays) discard the ZIP folder and all of it's contents.


(I now offer WMV - Windows Media Video files to be sent to you so you don't have to mess with the ZIP files and I also offer MPEG4 versions for all of you Mac, Apple, iPod and iPad users too. These files are not ZIP files either). So, I have you covered in any way that you want them.